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Regional Youth Champions

The Digital Transformations of Health Lab (DTH-Lab) is a global consortium of partners working to drive implementation of the Lancet and Financial Times Commission on Governing Health Futures 2030’s recommendations for value-based and youth-centred digital transformations of health at global and national levels.

In 2021, the GHFutures2030 Commission produced a ground-breaking report on the digital transformations of health providing a strong evidence base and set of recommendations for the DTH-Lab to take forward. All areas of the DTH-Lab’s work are a direct result of three years of research, convening and partnership building.

The DTH-Lab's overall vision for 2030 is that digital transformations of health are led by Health for All values and enable digital first health systems to deliver equitable benefits for the health, wellbeing and safety of young people and their communities.

The Lab will bring youth together with policymakers, technology companies and other stakeholders to drive change in three areas: (1) putting young people at the centre of digital first health systems; (2) advancing value-based governance of digital transformations of health; and (3) addressing digital determinants of health (DDoH).

It will achieve its goals through a multidisciplinary approach that combines cutting edge research, strengthening youth leadership, driving innovations in policy and practice, and shifting public and political agendas.

Youth will be key partners in all aspects of the DTH-Lab’s work and will have a seat in the Lab’s governance structure. Meaningful youth engagement and supporting them to become informed and enfranchised digital health citizens will be prioritised at every stage of the Lab’s pathway to impact. The Lab will take concerted steps to capture and reflect the diverse views and experiences of young people in its activities and outputs and to champion their inclusion in external governance processes.

Regional Youth Champions

As part of the work of the Commission, the first cohort of Regional Youth Champions (RYC) was established to champion the report’s key recommendations to improve the health and wellbeing of young people at regional and national levels. RYCs represent eight different regions based on the groupings used by the Sustainable Development Goals including Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Africa and Western Asia, Central and Southern Asia, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, Oceania, Europe and Northern America.

Region: Europe and Northern America

Penafiel, Portugal

Universal Health Coverage | Digital Health | Geopolitics | Policy

Region: Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

Yangon, Myanmar

Digital ethics | Citizen Science | Digital health innovations

Region: Central and Southern Asia

Ahmedabad, India

Health system strengthening | mental health | infectious diseases | climate change | universal health coverage

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Kingston, Jamaica

Human Rights | Sexual and Reproductive Health | Public Policy | Legal Research | Youth Empowerment

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Abuja, Nigeria

SRHR | Global Health | UHC | Gender Equality | Meaningful Youth Participation

Region: Europe and Northern America

Berlin, Germany

Global Health | Digital Health | Public Health & Prevention | Meaningful Youth Engagement | Cultural Awareness & Diversity

Region: Northern Africa and Western Asia

Casablanca, Morocco

Youth Empowerment | SRHR | Digital Advocacy | Human Rights | Sustainable Development

Region: Northern Africa and Western Asia

Erbil, Iraq

Healthcare Technology | Social Entrepreneurship | SRHR | Digital Transformation | Community Psychology

Region: Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

Hong Kong, China

Digital Health | Internet Governance | Digital Transformation | STEM education | Biomedical sciences and technologies

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Digital health innovation | Youth-Centered Healthcare | Data-Driven Insights | Global Health Equity | Future of Health

Region: Europe and Northern America

Toronto, Canada

Innovation | Digital Health | Public Health| Climate Change | Meaningful Youth Engagement

The next cohort of RYC will:

RYC will play a role in supporting the DTH-Lab’s workstream objectives:

Champion's Profile

You are pursuing a professional career in health, STEM, international affairs and/or governance

You have experience or training in communications, advocacy, policy writing and/or research

You have leadership experience in fostering change and/or innovation

You are passionate about global health governance, the future of health, digital transformations of health, data solidarity and/or UHC

You have similar foundational values for digital health governance such as democracy, solidarity, inclusion, equity and human rights

You are in a youth network and/or have experience with youth networks at the regional and/or local level

You use social media for knowledge sharing and are well connected to other young people

You have excellent working knowledge of digital platforms and the use of technology to increase digital engagement

You are between the age of 18 and 30 years old

You possess very good oral and written communication skills in English

Working knowledge and/or the ability to translate to other UN languages is an added advantage

Training or experience in futures thinking or foresight is an added advantage

Champion's Role


To support the work of the Regional Youth Champion, the DTH-Lab will provide a monthly stipend of 200 CHF. in the period of 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024.

Note: The cohort term is one year. A three month probationary period will be in effect to ensure appropriate commitments are made. The DTH-Lab reserves the right to renounce this role from any person who does not uphold the same ethos as the DTH-Lab.


Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort are now closed.
Please join the GHFutures2030 Youth Network to be notified for the next open application cycle.

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