Financial Times

Series of convenings on themes covered by the Commission’s work with the purposes of discussing relevant insights from the business and policymaking communities.

Wilton Park

Recommendations made to the Commission at six different consultations with leading thinkers and experts, including youth actors.


International Organisations

Representatives from the Commission engaged with attendees at international events to start conversations around themes of relevance.


Following the launch of the report, the next phase of the Commission’s work centers around amplifying its key messages, engaging critical and new audiences, and calling for the translation of policy into national and global action.

Commissioned Work

From Strategy to Implementation

The Commission’s Secretariat traces the pathways towards digital transformation of the youngest Sub-Saharan African countries’ health systems by reviewing their digital health strategies and implementation.

Digital Health Futures: Summary Report from a 2020 U Report Poll

In collaboration with UNICEF’s U-Report, the Commission explores how young people currently use digital technologies for health, their perceived benefits and risks of digital technologies, how they think governments and tech companies can better govern digital health, and what they imagine digital health will look like in 2030?

"Governance, Child Rights and Digital Health" by Third et al

Prof. Third et al discuss how decision-makers can assert the importance of children’s rights in digital health governance and build a robust digital health ecosystem that is responsive to children’s rights.

Digital Childhoods

The Commission has created six digital childhood profiles to illustrate the diversity of young people’s lived experiences of growing up in a digital world.

Governance Database

This database contains examples of governance actions and proposals by governments, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and other key actors. It is organised based on themes relevant to the Commission’s Report.

Addressing the Fundamentals of Equity, Solidarity, Democracy and Human Rights

Investing in the SDGs to address the social, commercial and environmental determinants of health; bridging the digital and health divide; ensuring health and digital rights; enfranchising and including every citizen; involvement of citizens and communities.

Targeting Power Asymmetries

Digital cooperation, digital taxes and digital governance; regulating powerful players and adopting mission-oriented innovation policies.

Enhancing a Solidarity-Based Approach to Health Data

Defining health data and principles for its use; building data institutions for data solidarity in health.

Secretariat Publications & Articles

Various members of the Secretariat published additional work calling attention to themes such as the digital transformation in adolescent wellbeing and youth agency in digital health governance.


Encourage a Young Writer Day, 10 April 2021

Commission briefing breakfast at UNGA

Two-page Commission brief