Maria Inês Francisco Viva

Region: Europe and Northern America
Penafiel, Portugal
Universal Health Coverage | Digital Health | Geopolitics | Policy
Inês Viva’s medical journey spans clinical medicine, research, and consultancy in various esteemed institutions. Her leadership qualities are evident from her tenure on executive boards of NGOs affiliated with WHO and the UN such as the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. Through these platforms, she has made significant contributions to policy drafts and has been a pillar in healthcare student capacity building, focusing on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Her impressive communication prowess was further showcased during her recent Bluebook traineeship at the European Commission, where she delved into pharmaceutical legislation and access to medicines. At present, Inês Viva’s contributions are enriching the OECD, as she zeroes in on the critical subject of Health systems resilience.