Tamoy Campbell

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Kingston, Jamaica
Human Rights | Sexual and Reproductive Health | Public Policy | Legal Research | Youth Empowerment

Fusing both my love of Law and Media, Tamoy is both a law student at the Norman Manley
Law School, pursuing the Council of Legal Education Certificate (LEC) a budding Media
Personality and dedicated to social impact. She believes in using social media as a tool to empower and inform others about the law and their rights. She has an avid interest in international law, academic research and writing, human rights to name a few. As an experienced writer who values fact-based research and junior policy analyst, her publications range from feature stories, environmental issues, political and legal commentary and breaking down them down in a simple way for all to understand. Furthermore, her desire to transform the educational sector of Jamaica is demonstrated by her innovation of educational solutions for students, teachers, tutoring Remedial English and CAPE Literature and currently an Adjunct Tutor at the University of the West Indies, Faculty of Law, while attending Norman Manley Law School.