Caroline Knop

Region: Europe and Northern America
Berlin, Germany
Global Health | Digital Health | Public Health & Prevention | Meaningful Youth Engagement | Cultural Awareness & Diversity

Caroline Knop is a medical student at Charité Berlin with a strong interest in the digital transformation of health. She served as National Public Health Officer of the German Medical Student’s Association 2022/23 and was part of the International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations delegation to the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva. As Co-Head of the Youth Side Program on the World Health Summit she advocates for meaningful youth engagement. Passionate about addressing the digital determinants of health, she works together with SATMED, an open access satellite-based eHealth communications platform, providing digital health services to remote, resource-poor areas of emerging and developing countries.
As a participant in the International Collaboration and Exchange Program (Columbia ICEP), an international student networking and exchange program partnering over 26 major leading medical universities on 5 continents, she believes that current health challenges need to be addressed by a global approach in collaborative problem solving.

Having a strong interest in research she served as Head of Public Relations during the foundation of Berlin Exchange Medicine, the first German student healthcare journal. She is a scholar of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation and has recently joined the Global Digital Health Lab at Charité Berlin.