International Health Dialogue 2023

The International Health Dialogue 2023 was hosted in New Delhi, India by the Apollo Hospital Group. The IHD comprised of two twin conferences on Transforming Health with IT (10th edition) and International Patient Safety (9th edition). With over 1600 registrations and over 200 speakers from 30 countries, the IHD was a highly anticipated event for those in the field, hosting a range of events, debates, panel discussions and recognition for pioneering work done in the fields of Patient Safety and Healthcare Technology. One of the speakers was Prof. Ilona Kickbusch, Co-chair of the Lancet and Financial Times Commission on Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world.

Prof. Kickbusch’s presentation was on “Digital Health and Global Health: are they synonymous?” The insightful discussion highlighted the growing convergence of digital health and global health, and how this affects everyone, regardless of whether they are connected. Drawing from the recently published white paper on Data Solidarity, Prof. Kickbusch also emphasised the importance of health data governance in global health as well as the need for global partnerships to expand the possibilities of digital transformations in health.

Prof. Kickbusch’s presentation was exceedingly well received by all present. To watch her presentation and learn more about the IHD, please click the links below.

 IHD Day 1: (Timestamp for Prof. Kickbusch’s presentation: 1:55:50)

IHD Day 2:

Presentation Slides