Charting a Course for Digital Health Futures: Reflections from a Youth Officer Turned Regional Youth Champion


My journey with the Commission has been one brimming with rich experiences, indelible lessons, and transformative growth. I have had the opportunity to dive into the complex realm of digital transformations and contribute to the shaping of health futures.

Interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration has always been a key pillar of my journey, and it remains one of the most enriching parts of my experience. Building on my role as Youth Officer, my evolution into a Regional Youth Champion further fortified these collaborations, allowing me to tap into my current professional projects and bring together even more diverse stakeholders to engage in dialogue on digital health governance.

A notable highlight of my experience was the opportunity to converse and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, which underscored the integral role of youth in shaping health futures. It reinforced my belief in the transformative potential of youth leadership in influencing systemic changes, thereby shaping digital-first health systems. This belief was further affirmed by the Commission's dedication to centering youth perspectives in the discourse around digital health governance and digital determinants of health, which resonated in a recent blog post by me and fellow RYCs.

As we traverse the age of digital health transformation and reflect on the future, my aspirations for the next cohort of Regional Youth Champions are twofold. Firstly, I anticipate their continued efforts to foster robust dialogue bridging generational and disciplinary divides, ensuring a smoother transition towards an inclusive health future. Diverse perspectives converging on this common platform will be instrumental in shaping policies and guiding the implementation of digital health strategies.

Secondly, I fervently hope the upcoming RYCs will champion the Health for All values within digital health systems. With the rise of digital health comes the promise of immense potential, but also the risk of amplifying existing disparities and widening divides. It is incumbent upon the new cohort to bridge digital divides, enhance digital health literacy, safeguard the rights of young people in this digital era, and ensure inclusivity and equity within digital-first health systems.

In conclusion, my journey from a Youth Officer to an RYC has not only highlighted the importance of harnessing the potential of digital transformations in health but also solidified my conviction in the power of youth leadership to positively shape health futures for generations to come. As I transition into the alumni network, I am filled with anticipation and optimism for the initiatives of the Digital Transformations of Health Lab. I am eager to see how the next RYC cohort advances the mission and vision of GHFutures2030, paving the way towards a future that embraces digital transformation while upholding the principles of equity, inclusivity, and solidarity.

Author: Brian Li Han Wong 
Regional Youth Champion



Brian Li Han Wong

Brian Li Han Wong

Brian Wong is a Regional Youth Champion and former Youth Officer of the Governing Health Futures 2030 Commission. An epidemiologist and clinical researcher by training, Brian is an independent consultant, entrepreneur, global public health expert, and multidisciplinary researcher. His interests include ageing and life course, digital health, global health governance, immunisation/vaccination policy, primary health care, public health workforce capacity building, and meaningful youth engagement.