Danielle Mullings

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Kingston, Jamaica
Technology | digital health | governance and leadership | media and communications | arts | youth empowerment
Danielle Mullings is a multidimensional Software Engineering student with interests including technology, leadership and the arts. She currently serves as the President of the Guild of Students at the University of the West Indies Mona, where she is also a UWI Open Scholar. Said to be ‘one of the field’s brightest young minds’, Danielle believes strongly in the power of tech and innovation in edifying society and would ultimately like to work in areas with civic applications of technology. This complements her work as the Partnership & Campaign Officer for Transform Health, a global coalition aimed at using technology as a catalyst for universal health coverage. She aspires to become a world leader in technological representation for the Caribbean and Latin America, focusing on enhancing the Caribbean’s pursuit of the SDGs.
Lastly, she has a natural affinity for leadership and youth empowerment and thus serves on youth councils, both locally and internationally, representing the voice of young people in technology, education, national issues and tech for health.