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Whitney Gray

Research and Project Officer

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Ms Whitney Gray (@WeCanWhitney) is the Research and Project Officer of the Lancet and Financial Times Commission. She recently graduated from the Graduate Institute of International and Developmental Studies with a Master in International Affairs, where she majored in sustainability with a focus on global health governance. Before joining the team, Ms Gray worked with UNAIDS Gender Equality and Diversity Division on improving women’s sexual and reproductive health, as well as briefly with Sonke Gender Justice in improving the engagement of men and boys in reaching health for all. Ms Gray has previous experience as the Regional Cancer Control Coordinator at the Indiana Cancer Consortium, where she led regional coalitions from across the state in reducing the burden of cancer, particularly in rural communities. She has previous experience with programme planning and design in hospital settings with a community-based focus. She organised a hospital-wide implementation of a perinatal care curriculum led by community health workers and offered to first and second immigrant Hispanic women in group settings. She has been involved with medical research, including the severity of stroke outcome in patients, the toxicology of algal blooms in inner city reservoirs and epigenetic related to fetal alcohol syndrome, which resulted in a publication in Frontiers in Genetics. With a longstanding desire to improve the health and well-being of all, she has worked to better understand and connect individual-based medicine to strong public health interventions through good governance in health policy. Ms Gray holds a Masters in Public Health, majoring in social behavioral sciences, from Indiana University and a Bachelor degree in Pre-medical Biology with a minor in Medical Ethics from Purdue University, where she was awarded the inaugural Gayle Williams Outstanding Leadership award and was one of the top 100 students in her graduating class.

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