Digital health solutions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion


Digital technologies are changing the ways in which health and social care are accessed and provided. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of digital health solutions to help counter the health emergency. However, the pandemic has also laid bare the inequities that exist in global health and shown the limitations of current healthcare systems to adopt digital health solutions. Global stakeholders have acknowledged that much can be done to improve health equity and shaping a sustainable digital health ecosystem can improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

HYPER organized the webinar “Digital health solutions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion” with the objective of discussing the role of innovative digital solutions in addressing the issue of health inequity. The event showcased digital innovations already available and best practices to adopt these and provide a platform for the perspective of key global health stakeholders on this issue, including youth. This webinar aimed to determine how digital solutions can move the needle on health equity and improve the lives of patients for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society.

Event Recording