Diary of a digitally limited young person

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My family lives in a busy part of town, not too far from our school. It is quite a new apartment, so the electricity is on most of the time. I hate it when the power is off because we can’t watch TV and it is too dark to do homework.

My family has one Smartphone and sometimes my parents let my brother and I play games on it. If I need help with my schoolwork, I can borrow the phone to search for information. I’m not allowed to go online too much though, or watch videos, because it costs a lot. My brother is older, so he always gets to go first. He often uses up all the airtime. I wish I had my own phone so I didn’t have to wait my turn.

My dad has tuberculosis and uses the phone to help him remember when to take his medicine. Sometimes, the health worker calls him to see if he is ok and to check he’s taking his pills. He gets annoyed with all the reminders but admits that he probably would forget otherwise.