Diary of a digitally excluded young person

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It’s been almost two years since I moved here with my grandmother, mother, and two brothers. We can’t move back home until the fighting stops. My father is still working far away but he comes back to visit us whenever he can.

There is no power in the village and no way to communicate with the wider world. I wish my mother, or even a neighbor, had a mobile phone so that we could speak to our father and call for help when we need it. Even if we had a phone, I know there would be nowhere to charge it. I’m not even sure we could get a signal either. Luckily, my grandmother is here. She tells us how to stay healthy and usually knows what to do when someone is sick. People in our village look up to her.

Sometimes, even my grandmother can’t help. When I had a fever, my mother took me on a long journey to see a health worker. We had to wait a long time to see her, but she gave me the medicine I needed. I remember that the woman had a mobile phone and was typing something on it as my mother told her about my symptoms. My mother is pregnant and says she must go to see the health worker tomorrow. I wonder if the health worker will use her phone again to help the baby grow strong.