Professor Miranda Wolpert

Head of Mental Health Challenge Area, Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom

Professor Miranda Wolpert MBE (@mirandarwolpert) heads up Mental Health at the Wellcome Trust. She leads a funding programme to find the next generations of treatments and approaches to help create a world where no one is held back by mental health problems 

By bringing together expertise across science, innovation and society, the MHCA is speeding up research to understand mental health better, and to develop treatments and approaches that are more effective and more personalised. Right now, we are supporting the mental health science community to align around common goals, foster creative research, and involve people with lived experience every step of the way. And we are developing a portfolio of innovations and building scientific evidence around how they work.

Miranda is also Professor in Evidence Based Research and practice at UCL. Prof Wolpert has extensive experience as a clinician and policy advisor.