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Professor Olivia Banner

Associate Professor, Critical Media Studies and Networked Cultures in the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication, University of Texas at Dallas, United States

Professor Olivia Banner (@olivia_banner) is a past member of Medical Futures Lab, a group of scholars, artists, hackers, and physicians in Houston concerned with medical education during this time of media transformation. At the University of Texas at Dallas, her research and teaching meet at the intersections of media, health/illness, and digital culture. Her book Communicative Biocapitalism: The Voice of the Patient in Digital Health and the Health Humanities (University of Michigan Press, 2017) examines health and illness in the digital media era. The book scrutinises how the attention economy, biocapitalist logics, and technofetishism shape patient-networking sites, Quantified Self, biodigital devices, and illness narratives, and it demonstrates how gender, race, and disability inform the value that biocapitalism locates in “the voice of the patient.” She is working on a second book about the history of screen media’s incorporation into the psychiatric discipline and psychiatric research.

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