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Njide Ndili

Country Director, PharmAccess Foundation, Nigeria

Ms Njide Ndili (@NjideN) is the Country Director for PharmAccess Foundation, an International NGO dedicated to facilitating affordable access to quality health care in Africa by stimulating investments in the healthcare industry through partnerships with the private sector and government institutions. She directs activities that support demand side financing, supply side quality improvement using SafeCare© Methodology, and activities to improve access to financing for healthcare small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the Medical Credit Fund. PharmAccess prioritises a digital agenda, developing innovative digital solutions to enable seamless access and improvement in health outcomes, such as HealthConnect App to leverage international remittance for health, Quality Improvement tool, Multi system Poverty Screening tool, Mobile App for TB Screening, and CarePay digital insurance platform, which uses the mobile phone to aggregate funding and payment for healthcare services. Ms Ndili’s experience in the healthcare industry spans decades in the United States and Nigeria, and she has worked as a consultant to several healthcare organisations. She has an MSc in Health Economics, Policy, and Management from London School of Economics, an AMP from INSEAD Business School, MBA from the University of Houston, Post Graduate Diploma in Finance, and B. Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Nigeria.

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