Commissioned Work

From Strategy to Implementation

The Commission’s Secretariat traces the pathways towards digital transformation of the youngest Sub-Saharan African countries’ health systems by reviewing their digital health strategies and implementation.

Digital Health Futures: Summary Report from a 2020 U Report Poll

In collaboration with UNICEF’s U-Report, the Commission explores how young people currently use digital technologies for health, their perceived benefits and risks of digital technologies, how they think governments and tech companies can better govern digital health, and what they imagine digital health will look like in 2030?

"Governance, Child Rights and Digital Health" by Third et al

Prof. Third et al discuss how decision-makers can assert the importance of children’s rights in digital health governance and build a robust digital health ecosystem that is responsive to children’s rights.

"On Virality" by DiResta

Prof. DiResta describes the evolution of the information environment, including communities where health misinformation circulates (e.g. vaccine-hesitant and anti-vaccine groups). How have/can social network platforms, public health professionals, and science communicators stem the tide of health misinformation?