Diary of a digitally consumed young person

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When I’m not at school, I spend most of my time gaming with friends. I am the best in my school at the latest game. No one can beat my top score. My sister is always trying, but quickly gives up and goes off to watch TV.

Sometimes, Dad will tell me to take a break and do something else but mostly they let me do what I like. Mum is always working at the hospital and Dad hasn’t been happy since he lost his job. I keep asking if they can pay for the ad-free version of the game, but they won’t. Having to deal with all the adverts is so annoying. I’m sure if I didn’t have to keep closing pop ups and watching videos my score would be even higher.

Sometimes I lay in bed at night thinking about the game and the messages people send to me. Most of the people I play with are friends but there are others that I don’t know. Occasionally, I’ll get sent messages that make me feel uncomfortable. People can seem friendly at first but then say things that I don’t like. I know I should tell my parents but am worried they’ll stop me from playing altogether.